That has been sitting in my draft box for about a month and a half waiting for me to finish writing it and I decided that it was good as it was.

So I am getting married soon, and This guy is amazing. And I know I post about it kinda often but it is really just….wow. This guy is amazing and I totally need to write my vows soon. I also need to find out if we are writing our vows or just doing the generic thing. I was planning on winging it, and I still might because the idea of doing something prepared, like reading off an index card or reciting something from memory seems kind of insincere. I want to look into his eyes and just lose myself for a little while. Start rambling off all the things I love, and promise to spend forever making the relationship work. I can’t promise that we will never have our problems. Or that he will never have a reason to make me sleep on the couch. Nor can I promise that I won’t try to make him sleep on the couch only to give in when I feel like the dog is judging me for being mean.

Still though. He is amazing. and I know he questions his own awesomeness sometimes. But all of his perceived imperfections just make his soul even more beautiful. Like an artist thinking that they have ruined the picture, only to have people stare in awe at the complexities of their brushstrokes that serve to make the work stand out.